The Roar

It was early April and the stags were bellowing out through the mighty otamatapaio valley. We were with our friends Matt and Liam Ross we were walking up this hill and we saw a stag it was getting late. So we sunk up on it and it was amazing stags were fighting and roaring it was breathtaking. Then Matt and dad stalked up this hill and it was almost dark and boom. We all ran up there and dad said its dark we will come back up in the morning to look for it. I woke up ran out of bed and mom said just dad and Matt up there and an hour later they came with a massive satg rack on the back of the truck.

100 word challenge

We were driving along and my brother and sister started fighting and my parents missed the singed that said grizzly bears ahead. We kept driving and we saw a sign that said spring field camping sit so we pulled in there for the night. We set up the tent and started cooking meat on the bbq and making smores on       the our fire and night fall came quickly. We were singing around the fire and it was getting late so we all got into our sleeping  bags and we all fell asleep I got woken up by a huffing noise.


One time I had to persevere was when I had to climb up one kilometer up a shingle, bush and thick scrub. We were hunting at Ohau, me, dad and Lochie were bashing our way up this shingle scree and me and Lochie didn’t think we could get up the mountain. But dad said were almost there and when we broke out of the bush it was amazing we could see glistening the lake ohau. When we had a break our dog started pointing we heard this loud crashing bleow us and this massive 15 point stag came out the of bush and it was only about 10 meters away but we didn’t shoot it, and we kept walking and my legs were gettng really tired and I wanted to stop then dad stared shooting Lochie and I saw a deer drop. So then we went up to get it  and we had fresh venison. So that’s why you should never give cause something good will always come from it.

by James h



We where driving along the track and I saw a mob of deer so we got out of the truck and began the stalk. The deer went straight up a big hill so went climbed up after them. We had a break and I just peaked over this little ridge and I saw two deer 120 yards away so dad and I sneaked up ten more yards and I lined it up and bang the deer droped straight away. Then we carried it off the hill, when we were driving down the river when we saw two pigs running across the paddock . So we drove over there and cut them off before the scrub then I lined one up and bang, they both dropped but then one off them got up so dad told me to go grab it so I did and it bit me, my little brother shot it.

by James h


My name is James, I live in New Zealand near a hidden Gem called Kurow. I have a mum called ping and dad called skinny I have a younger brother called Lochie and a older sister called holly. I am twelve my hobbies are hunting fishing and I love outdoors. I have a 110 motor bike and I drive on our farm,we have 20 possum traps and in the winter we get $5 a possum and at the end of the winter  we got $250 dollars. I have shot two deer shot two pigs and stuck one pig and 40 wallbies.

by James h 😀😁😃😄😜👍👍👍👍🐴🐴🐹🐹🐹🐒🐵🐗`🐛🐛🐤🐤🐕🐶🐕🐤🐹