I didn’t mean to kill her.

                 MOUSE PROBLEM

“I didn’t mean to kill her” Jake said as he pleaded that he is not guilty to Bob the pub owner. But Bob didn’t care, Jake was losing his job at the pub.


It had all started the day before. The mice ran everywhere so Bob got some traps and set them. An hour later he checked them and they were all set off but not one mouse had been caught.  So he threw poison out, but that didn’t work either. So he got a flamethrower and burnt all the crates their nests were under, but they scattered everywhere. They all ran into the pub so Bob called up his young worker Jake.


Jake was bored sitting on the couch when all of a sudden his phone rang. The number was Bob’s, the pub owner’s. When he put the phone to his ear Bob said there was a mouse problem and he told Jake to come down with his shotgun and some traps to get rid of the mice. So Jake jumped on his bike and biked into town.


When he got there, Bob was sitting on a crate patting his grey cat Fat Patricia . Jake went up to him and Bob said “Kill every mouse you see.”

 “Ok” said Jake. So Jake set off setting traps and shooting the mice. By the end of the day he had killed 89 mice, “I’ll come back tomorrow and kill the rest” said Jake. 


The next day Jake woke up and jumped on his bike and headed back to the pub. He checked his trap and had caught 11 more mice. He was sure there was only one left. He got out his shotgun and walked around the pub trying to shoot the mouse. He searched for it for hours but he never found it. He was about to head home when he heard a noise under the crate so he pulled out his shot gun, and kicked the crate, and  out of nowhere the mouse came thundering out from under the crates. He also saw a flash of gray, so he aimed and pulled the trigger. BOOM!!! There was a flash of grey fur. “YEEEEESSSSS!!!” Jake yelled. “I got it”

 Bob came running over to have a look. When he got there he dropped to his knees and put his head in his hands. Jake ran over and then he saw why. On the ground lay Fat Patricia with a big hole in her side.

“You killed her” Bob yelled. Jake was wondering how. Then it hit him. the grey flash was the cat chasing the mouse and he didn’t give the mouse enough lead.

“You’re fired” Bob said.                                             


I feel the chilling breeze blow against my face as we follow our instructor down the red clay hill. As we near the bottom there is another path that we follow that leads us to the driftwood covered beach. Then we huddled up and she told us to jump in the sea and get wet. When I jumped in I could feel from my head to my toes go cold and I felt salt water rush into my mouth. YUCK!! 


Then we started walking around the razor sharp barnacle rocks. As we made our way round the rocks we were told that our first jump was coming up. She gave us a demonstration and when  my turn came around I started to feel nervous, and my heart was beating out of my chest. 3..2..1, JUMP! As I hit the water my helmet filled with salty water and then I swam across to 

the other side. That was so fun I said. 


After that we went to some more jumps. The first two were easy but the last one was big but I put that behind me and jumped, in mid air I was scared but when I hit the water I felt good again. That was so cool I said again.


 After that we went to the lava rocks and on the way there we put some green seaweed mustaches on which came off straight away. As we neared a cliff I could see a bright red color, and our instructor told us it was magma rock which used to be lava which was really cool. 


After that we headed for the cars but there was still one more crossing left. As we walked across the razor sharp barnacles Billy tripped and fell and almost knocked me over. When he got up we kept moving and the crossing came up. B the instructor went first then 2 more people went, then Billy and I. When I got in my whole body froze. There was a powerful current and the fact that Billy was trying to half drown me wasn’t  helping but I got to the other side. Then we were finished and that was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.

Term 3 review

This term was great. It was great because I got most of all my math’s home work right. Our team has made it into the final Tomorrow which be fun. My reading scrap book work has improved by writing more words. Also my writing has become more descriptive. Overall this term has been the best term so far this year. :):(:):(:):(:)

7&8 Winter trip

On Friday The year 7&8’s of Duntroon school went down to Duniden to go curling and Ice skating first we went curling. Curling is really fun because you have to sweep the stone so it will reach the target. Also the Captian tells his team what to do.  My team lost but we put up a good fight because we were vs adults. Then for lunch we had dominoes. Then we went ice skating and I fell over and banged my head but then I got back out on the ice and went around again.

Rugby in wanaka

On Saturday I went to Wanaka with the Union team to play rugby. It was really fun playing with the union team we didn’t win any game’s but it was still fun. There club rugby over there is a step up from ours. I liked it because I tackeld well and ran with the ball a bit.

Tech review

Last week Duntroon School year seven and eights went to tech. I was in hard materials with Mr King I made a chopping board also I made a pen that is the shape of a hammer and I made a puzzle with a bow on it. Tech week is a fun week to catch up with our friends from differnt schools.

THE 100 WC


100 word Challenge 

One day I had my bow and arrow and was hunting goats in Central Otago. It was the middle of the day and I was tucked up under a tree when I heard “baaaaa” and I looked up and there was a big billy goat. As I drew my bow back to full draw, my release trigger came undone and the arrow flew and hit the goat too far back. I watched it sprint away into the bush and so I decided to head home, but when I looked behind me…there was the goat charging straight  at me.


On Wednesday after basket ball me and my parents went into school to have a learning conference. I have had them before but not when I went in with them. I felt really proud of my work and so did Mum and Dad. Afterwards They said there really proud of my learning and I will be ready for high school next year. 🙂 But I need to work on my writing is in a logical order and make’s sense. 🙂 🙁


On saturday I went to my friends place and we went for a hunt. We got dropped of at the bottom of the track and strated out walk up the hill. After walking for about 30 mins we saw a walleby so we walked off the track and stalked up on it. When we got close and fynn had a shot and missed then it ran down in front of us and we unloaded at it and got it.  Then we walked up the rest of the hill and got lost. But then fynn saw there house so we headed there. We were almost home when a rabbit ran out in front of us then fynn shot it. The next morning we went pigeons shooting and we shot 16.